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VBOX Video HD2 Firmware Features - V1.3.72


This is not the current firmware version!

This version of the VBOX Video HD2 firmware includes some significant changes and brings additional functionality to the unit itself and the Setup Software. The latest software versions should be used in conjunction with this firmware release to allow full use of the latest features.

Download the latest firmware update file here

A summary of the software versions required can be found below:

Software Application Version required (minimum)
Circuit Tools for Windows    2.6.3
Circuit Tools for MacOS 1.3.1
Circuit Tools for iOS 1.1.1
VBOX Video App for Android 1.2.2
VBOX Video App for iOS 1.2.3
VBOX Video Setup   1.3.170 (1.3.221 to fully utilise the new features)

Many of the changes have been made as a direct result of customer feedback requesting new features. Some changes have been made to fix bugs and other issues found during testing.

Racelogic strongly recommend that all users upgrade to the latest firmware release to take advantage of the new features and benefit from the improved stability.



When upgrading to the latest firmware, the cameras must be connected to the unit as they included as part of the upgrade. However, this makes the cameras incompatible with units running older release firmware. If you have more than one unit, it is highly recommended to upgrade all units in one go or isolate upgraded units and cameras to ensure compatibility.

If you own more than one set of cameras, e.g. as part of a 2nd car HD2 accessory kit, you will have to update the firmware with each set of cameras plugged into the unit, using the same firmware upgrade file.

Performance Increases
  • OLED communication stability improved
  • Scene loading stability improved
  • Dynamic throttling to improve stability with graphically intensive scene overlays
Logging Updates
  • Improved logging stability and file closing
  • Logging started manually via OLED now works the same as logging started via front panel button, and won't stop logging when below minimum speed for the set time (default 15 km/h and 10 s)
  • Improvements to handling of multiple logging media
  • Racelogic Bluetooth devices will now automatically connect with the HD2, there is no need to use the Preview App to pair
  • More information on the OBD module is available here
  • More information on the Heart rate monitor is available here
  • More information on the Logging switch is available here
iOS and Android Preview Apps
  • Can now change track in preview app before HD2 has satellite lock
  • Improved preview app connectivity
VBOX Video Setup Software
  • Software now uses .NET Framework 4.7.1 (Microsoft Windows 7 or newer is now required to use the software)
  • Added new Heat Block element (more information available here)
  • Added new Heart rate monitor element (removed option from Bluetooth General Settings, more information available here)
  • Added alternate text display for performance test parameters
  • Added speed at distance result for performance tests
  • Added test (demo) mode for elements (more information available here)
  • Added ability to add background image to PIP which appears when camera stream is not available (more information available here)
  • Added filter option to elements to choose between default and custom created
  • Ticking a channel in the CAN section now automatically selects it in the channel list
  • Added option to show/hide border for transparent elements (more information available here)
  • Fixed issue with elements losing assigned maths channels after element is saved and reloaded
  • Heart rate monitor channel renamed so that files open in Circuit Tools
  • WiFi preview now fills whole background on high resolution displays
  • Changing track map can no longer cause map to extend off edge of screen
  • Default track displayed at Nürburgring is now the GP layout
  • Padded characters added to serial number in .vbo file header
  • New red OK LED to show system error (more information available here)
  • Auto reboot feature - automatic recovery from rare system failures