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RACELOGIC Support Centre

Product Life Cycle

This page will provide you with information about the different statuses in our product life cycle and what they mean to you as a user.

At the heart of our excellent customer experience is our dedication to continued software updates and technical support, even years after your initial purchase. This page will provide you with information of the different statues in our product life cycle and what they mean for you as a user. 

Product Statuses


These products are currently being manufactured and sold by Racelogic. 



Discontinued products are products that are no longer manufactured. 

These products are still supported in firmware updates, software updates and on our support centre.

We will add a DISCONTINUED watermark to the product category when a product is discontinued. 

Discontinued stamp - red and white.png


The resources associated with these products have ceased their development and are no longer supported.

We recommend that you retire these products and replace them with products that receive firmware updates.

We will add a LEGACY PRODUCT watermark to the product category when a product is retired. 

Legacy stamp - red and white.png
Access to support for Discontinued and Legacy products


Discontinued products are fully supported and will continue to be compatible with future firmware and software resources until we retire it and it becomes a Legacy product. 


Legacy products will have limited support, in the form that any existing support will still be available on our Support Centre, but it will not be updated as no further work is performed on any of its compatible resources. 

Spares or repairs availability
Racelogic is happy to quote and perform repairs on Racelogic products, regardless of the product status, as long as we are able to source the required components. Please contact support if you have a repair request.
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