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VBOX Sigma

    VBOX Sigma (RLVBSIGMA) is a cost-effective, RTK enabled 10 Hz data logger with integrated NTRIP modem. Its multi-constellation, multi-frequency GNSS engine offers outstanding RTK performance even in areas with poor and multi-path satellite coverage.

    When used in conjunction with an RTK Base Station or NTRIP Correction Service, VBOX Sigma is accurate to within a centimetre and is the ideal reference for ground truth.

    The in-built NTRIP modem makes it easy to receive RTK correction messages from an NTRIP network, either via Wi-Fi or a 4G cellular connection. In order to use this type of correction you have to register and subscribe to a cellular data plan with your local NTRIP provider, such as Topnet in the UK and Germany, Swepos in Sweden or Unavco in the USA.

    • 10 Hz GNSS data logging.
    • Outstanding RTK performance.
    • Integrated NTRIP link.
    • Cost-effective PNT.
    • CAN Bus output for 3rd party connection.

    More information on VBOX Sigma can be found on our website.

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