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Base Station


Base Station (RLVBBS5/RLVBBS6)

The Racelogic DGNSS RTK Base Station is designed to improve positional accuracy of VBOX's and other compatible GNSS systems by calculating and transmitting differential correction data.

By setting up the Base Station in a known position, it is able to accurately monitor the difference between its known position and the position that it is calculating from GNSS satellite signals. The difference is then transmitted via radio to allow a remote GNSS system to correct its position. The differential correction message can be broadcasted in RTCM v2, RTCM v3, RTCM v3.2 MSM4 and MSM7, or proprietary RTK formats using an internal or mast mounted radio modem transmitter.

Depending on the type of base station and roving unit used, position accuracies of up to 2 cm (95 % CEP) are available.

Further details on the Base Station can be found on our website.

DGNSS Basestation.jpg


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