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05 - Base Station Front Panel


The front panel of the Base Station contains a display for indicating the operating status of the Base Station. User input for configuring the Base Station is via the three control buttons. The control buttons consist of left and right menu selection buttons and an ‘OK’ selection button.

An RS232 connector on the front panel is used for updating the operating firmware of the Base Station using a PC or porting to the GNSS engine or radio modem for update of firmware or manual configuration changes.

There is also a power input connector for charging the Base Station internal battery using the supplied mains adaptor. This can be used to permanently power the unit; however this should only be done if the Base Station is located indoors with the GNSS and radio antennas located outside as the Base Station is not weatherproof with the lid open.

A power ‘ON/OFF’ switch is located on the front panel which powers the unit for operation. However the unit can be charged even if the power switch is in the OFF position. The charge LED gives a status of the battery charger circuit at all times when an external supply is connected. Details of what this LED indicates can be found in the section entitled ‘Battery and Charging Status’.

For convenience, the Base Station contains a 25-location memory. This enables the user to store different reference locations and recall them at a later date. When storing a new location, the Base Station should be set to average the current antenna position over a period of time to obtain the best of location data accuracy.

Depending on the the type of VBOX used, The DGNSS accuracy ranges from 40 cm CEP to 2 cm CEP. There are two current options available for the Base Station; Base Station 5 includes GPS and GLONASS constellations, Base Station 6 includes GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and Beidou constellations. Both options have a 40 cm and 2 cm RTK DGNSS modes which can be used with all VBOX data loggers and third party GNSS equipment that can accept RTCM format corrections.


Base Station mode compatibility with VBOX data loggers and speed sensors can be seen in the ‘Compatibility Matrix’.

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