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04 - Base Station Radio Antenna


The Base Station radio antenna must be placed in the highest available position in order to realise the maximum possible transmission range. Where possible the position should be close to the centre of the area over which the system is to be used.

For example, if used at a test or race circuit, mount the tripod in the centre of the circuit to give equal radio coverage to all points of the circuit.

If your Base Station is a used in temporary locations, then it is recommended that you use a telescopic mast to raise the radio antenna as high as possible. 

rad1 (2).jpg

Telescopic Mast 

A suitable telescopic mast including guy ropes can be purchased through Racelogic, please contact your local VBOX distributor for details. The telescopic mast can be easily erected by two people. One person should hold and extend the mast to the correct height whilst the other person pegs out the three supplied guy lines.

The guy rings on the mast should be at 2/3rds height of the antenna for stability.

Once the three guy lines have been pegged out the antenna can be raised further to increase guy line tension.

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Roof Location

The Base Station radio antenna can also be mounted on a roof top when the Base Station is required in a permanent location. The radio antenna is supplied with a “U” bolt fixing to enable a fixing to a suitable upright pole.

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Mast Mount Transmitter

The option of a mast mounted enclosure (RLACS153 for 868 MHz and 915 MHz radios, RLACS153-24 for 2.4 GHz radios, and RLACS153-VAR for SATEL Radios) is available, which greatly reduces the RF cable length between the transmitter and the antenna. This results in greatly reduced transmission line losses which in turn increases transmission power, giving better range. The mast mount enclosure is IP67 rated to protect the radio from harsh weather and is supplied with a 6 m serial/power connection cable (RLCAB105 for all radios) allowing full extension of the mast. The serial/power cable connects to an external IP68 rated connector on the Base Station, ensuring that the Base Station remains weatherproof.

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