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03 - Base Station GNSS Antenna


The GNSS antenna must be placed in a position away from any buildings, trees, walls, high wire fences or any other obstacles that could cause satellite signals to be blocked or reflected.

Even solid objects below the height of the GNSS antenna should be avoided as they can also cause reflection of the satellite signals.

Wherever possible, place the GNSS antenna and tripod at the highest available spot to ensure the best un-affected satellite reception.

Make sure the legs of the tripod are fully extended to give maximum height.

If the Base Station is to be fitted on a permanent roof top location, then also ensure that the GNSS antenna is not shadowed by any other parts of the building or nearby objects.

gps1 (1).png gps2 (1).png

Satellite Elevation Mask

This feature can be used to improve GNSS signal quality when nearby obstacles like trees and buildings are reflecting or temporarily obscuring the signal from satellites at low elevation. Raising the mask will cause the Base Station to ignore satellites below the mask angle, so must be used carefully as it also reduces the total number of received satellites.

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