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Track Map Database

    VBOX Lap Timing products contain an in-built track map database housing a vast selection of circuits. Occasionally, Racelogic will release new versions of the track map database in order to introduce new circuit maps and start/finish lines - and also to update any older tracks with new layouts. 

    The track map database stored within a product is updated with a Firmware Upgrade, however the database can also be updated independently of the main unit firmware. Please view the update pages for each individual product to view specific upgrade instructions.

    To view available tracks and download the latest file for your unit, please visit the VBOX Motorsport website.

    Track map database.png

    Release History


    • Morgan Park A (Australia)
    • Morgan Park B (Australia)
    • Morgan Park D (Australia)
    • Morgan Park E (Australia
    • Morgan Park K (Australia)
    • Oran Park (Australia)
      Note: This circuit does not exist anymore. Added for VBOX Sim
    • Ningbo International Circuit (China)
    • Guia Circuit (China)
    • Andalucia Layout 1 5k (Spain)
    • Andalucia Layout 2 4k (Spain)
    • Andalucia Layout 3 2.2k (Spain)
    • Circuit de Catalunya with updated chicane (Spain)
    • Belle Isle GP (USA)
    • Collie Motorplex Long (USA)
    • Curborough with updated layout (UK)
    • Kames Motorsport Circuit (UK)
    • Kames Motorsport Circuit Reverse (UK)
    • Prescott Hill Climb (UK)
    • Drive Centre Arena (Sweden)
    • Gotland Ring 3.1 (Sweden)
    • Ostersunds Kart Circuit (Sweden)
    • Molanda Raceway (Sweden)
    • Transilvania Motor Ring (Romania)
    • Villa Real (Portugal)
    • Davis Kart Club (USA)
    • Dixon Kart Circuit (USA)
    • Dominion Raceway (USA)
    • Indianapolis SCCA (USA)
    • Polecat Driving Academy (USA)
    • Rockingham Infield (USA)
    • Sonoma Kart Circuit (USA)
    • Summit Point Jefferson (USA)
    • Summit point Shenandoah (USA)
    • Thermal Club Desert North (USA)
    • Thermal Club North Palm (USA)
    • Thermal Club Full Track (USA)
    • Monticello Full Course (USA)
    • Nashville Music City Street Circuit (USA)
    • Nashville Super Speedway (USA)
    • Miami Concours Club Outer Loop (USA)
    • Gateway Motorsports Porsche 2mile (USA)
    • iCar Mirabel (Canada)
    • iCar Mirabel Long (Canada)
    • iCar Mirabel Long with Chicane (Canada)
    • Issoire Circuit (France)
    • Korfez Circuit (Turkey)
    • Autodromo ATCM (Mozambique)
    • Mar del Plata (Argentina)
    • Navak Driving Academy (Serbia)
    • Izmir Park (Turkey)
      Note: New layout and formally known as Pinarbasi 
    • Donnybrook (Zimbabwe)


    • Breedon Everad Raceway (Zimbabwe)
    • Buttonwillow 25a (USA)
    • Buttonwillow Kart Circuit (USA)
    • Estoril No Chicane (Portugal)
    • Euroring (Hungary)
    • Thermal Club Desert (USA)
    • Lime Rock update, including chicane (USA)
    • Nakhonchaisri Circuit updated position (Thailand)


    • Vietnam Country Border
    • Zimbabwe Country Border *Did not work in this build for some reason*
    • Apex Motorclub (USA)
    • Breedon Everard Raceway (Zimbabwe) *Did not work in this build for some reason*
    • Circuit de la Chatre (France)
    • Circuito Valle Dei Templi Recalmuto (Sicily)
    • Drakon (Bulgaria)
    • Hanoi (Vietnam)
    • Idiada Dry Handling Track (Spain)
    • Idiada Wet Handling Track (Spain)
    • Shannonville FABI Layout (Canada)


    • Aruani Grid (India)
    • Autodrome St Petersburg (Russia)
    • Circuit de Lurcy Levis (France)
    • Circuit de Monray (France)
    • Charade Circuit (France)
    • Jagodina Kart Circuit
    • Kakucs Ring (Hungary)
    • Kart Arena Cheb (Czech Republic)
    • Meco Kartopia (India)
    • Idiada Dry Handling Track (Spain)
    • Idiada Wet Handling Track (Spain)
    • Shannonville FABI Layout (Canada)
    • Added Singapore as own country and moved Singapore GP from Malaysia
    • Moved all existing Shannonville tracks to Canada from USA
    • Extended the Russia country boundary.


    • Arizona Motorsports Park (USA)
    • Autodrom Sosnova (Czech Republic)
    • Autodromo EcoCentro Queretaro (Mexico)
    • Autodromo Miguel E Abed (Mexico)
    • Ovalo Auguscaliente (Mexico)
    • Bondurant Driving School (USA)
    • Circuit De Fontenay Le Comte (France)
    • Hampton Downs National (New Zealand) 
    • Hampton Downs International (New Zealand)
    • Lihpao Wind (Taiwan)
    • Lipao G2 Track Day (Taiwan)
    • Lihpao G2 (Taiwan)
    • Maison Blanche 1 (France)
    • Maison Blanche 2 (France)
    • Parque Viva (Costa Rica)
    • Selesia Ring (Poland)
    • Selesia Ring Long (Poland)
    • Tor Lodz (Poland)
    • Removed 'Lihpao Circuit' due to new Lihpao G2.
    • Removed 'Hampton Downs' due to new Hampton Downs National.
    • Nurburgring GP 2019 to Nurburgring GP
    • Brands Hatch Indy 2019 to Brands Hatch Indy
    • Brands Hatch GP 2019 to Brands Hatch GP
    • Silverstone Stowe 2019 to Silverstone Stowe
    • Zolder 2019 to Zolder
    • Sebring 2019 to Sebring
    • Sebring Combo 2019 to Sebring Combo
    • Sebring Johnson Club 2019 to Sebring Johnson Club
    • Sebring School Circuit 2019 to Sebring School Circuit
    • Road America 2019 to Road America
    • Estoril 2019 to Estoril
    • Circuit Of The Americas 2019 to Circuit Of The Americas
    • Virginia Int Raceway Full 2019 to Virginia Int Raceway 
    • Virginia Int Raceway North 2019 to Virginia Int Raceway
    • Tamworth Motorsports Club to Club Motorsports (It had the incorrect name)
    • Moved SF line to updated location for the Nurburgring Lap Record track, as per Steffen's feedback
    • Moved SF line to proper location for the Shanghai Ext Turn4 track as it was in the incorrect location


    • Cameron Speedway Kart Circuit (Canada)
    • Gateway Motorsports Park (USA)
    • Lihpao Circuit (Taiwan)
    • Thunderhill West (USA
    • Shelsley Walsh Hillclimb (UK)
    • Shannonville Motorsports Park Pro Circuit (USA)
    • Shannonville Motorsports Park Long Circuit (USA)
    • Castrol Raceway (Canada)
    • Shougang GT (China)
    • Kymi Ring (Finland)
    • Pautalia (Bulgaria)
    • Pergusa (Sicily, Italy)
    • Tailem Bend Southern Loop (Australia)
    • Transilvania Motor Ring (Romania)
    • Wodonga Tafe (Australia)
    • Holjes Motorclub (Sweden)
    • Kuwait Motor Town GP (Kuwait)
    • Kuwait Motor Town GP Chicane (Kuwait)
    • Kuwait Motor Town National (Kuwait)
    • Kuwait Motor Town South (Kuwait)
    • Roebling Road Raceway (USA)
    • Goiania (Brazil)
    • Fuji Short (Japan)
    • Collie Motorplex (Australia) 
    • Collie Motorplex Long (Australia)
    • Circuito dos Cristais (Brazil)
    • Beijing Jingang International Circuit (China)
    • Sebring Johnson Club Circuit (USA)
    • Sebring School Circuit (USA)
    • Hockenheim GP (Germany)
    • Gellerasen (Sweden)
    • Autodromo de Codegua (Chile)
    • NCM Grand Straight (USA)
    • NCM West (USA)
    • NCM Grand Full (USA)
    • Zolder 2019 (Belgium)
    • Shanghai GP Start Finish Line (China)
    • Sebring 2019
    • Sebring Combo 2019


    • AMR Homestead Kart Circuit (USA)
    • Badger Kart Club (USA)
    • Mosport Kartways (Canada)
    • Canadian Tire Motorsports Park (Canada)
    • Added Canadian Tire Motorsports Park DDT (Canada)
    • CTEC Manufacturing Kart Circuit (USA)
    • Drift Land (UK)
    • Florida International Rally and Motorsports Park aka, the FIRM (USA)
    • GoPro Motorplex (USA)
    • Heartland Park (USA)
    • Rudskogen (Norway)
    • Shanghai Tianma (China)
    • Tazio Nuvolari (Italy)
    • Three Sisters Circuit (UK)
    • Verze (France)
    • Brands Hatch GP 2019 (UK)
    • Brands Hatch Indy 2019 (UK)
    • Estoril 2019 (Portugal)



    • Yas Marina Combo (Abu Dhabi)
    • Yas Marina South2 (Abu Dhabi)
    • Yas Marina North Chicane (Abu Dhabi)
    • Yas Marina North Handling (Abu Dhabi)
    • Boyndie Kart Circuit (UK)
    • Larkhall Kart Circuit (UK)
    • Rissington Kart Circuit (UK)
    • Kimbolton Kart Circuit (UK)
    • Rowrah Kart Circuit (UK)
    • Tamworth Motorsports Club (USA)
    • Motorsport Ranch 3.1 mile course (USA)
    • Surfers Paradise (Australia)
    • Leadfoot Hillclimb (New Zealand)
    • Baku (Azerbaijan)
    • Kaeng Krachen Circuit (Thailand)
    • Bira International Circuit (Thailand)
    • Tailem Bend GT
    • Tailem Bend International
    • Tailem Bend East
    • Tailem Bend West
    • Tailem Bend West Plus


    • Termas de Rio Hondo (Argentina)
    • Luddenham Raceway (Australia)
    • Buttonwillow Race 2 (USA)
    • Buttonwillow Race 3 (USA)
    • Buttonwillow Race 13 (USA)
    • Buttonwillow Race 14 (USA)
    • Buttonwillow Race 15 (USA)
    • Buttonwillow Race 16 (USA)
    • Buttonwillow Race 18 (USA)
    • Spokane Country Raceway (USA)
    • Oregon Raceway Park (USA)
    • Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez (Mexico)
    • Spa Francorchamps circuit map to correct an offset (Belgium)
    • SF line at Spa Francorchamps moved to the correct location (Belgium)
    • Silverstone layouts for Circuit Tools (United Kingdom)


    • Silverstone Historic (United Kingdom) GP layout with sweeping version of Vale.
    • Whilton Mill (United Kingdom)
    • Clay Pigeon Raceway (United Kingdom)
    • Cumbria Kart Circuit (United Kingdom)
    • Ellough Park (United Kingdom)
    • Glan-Y-Gors Kart Circuit (United Kingdom)
    • Lydd Karting Circuit (United Kingdom)
    • Shenington Kart Circuit (United Kingdom)
    • Rye House Kart Raceway (United Kingdom
    • Daytona Sandown Park (United Kingdom)
    • PFI (United Kingdom)
    • Added Buckmore Park (United Kingdom)
    • Added Bayford Meadows (United Kingdom)
    • Added Fulbeck Kart circuit (United Kingdom)
    • Added Sviestad Chicane layout (Sweden)
    • Added Fugang (China)
    • Added Nurburgring Lap Record (Germany) Nordschleife circuit with separate start and finish locations at "T13", as used by Porsche and Lamborghini
    • Gellerason GP Circuit layout update
    • Park Algar now named Portimao
    • Hair pin (Torre Vip) updated at Portimao
    • Donington National updated. More resolution and offset corrected
    • Donington GP updated. More resolution and offset corrected
    • Mondello Park moved from UK to Ireland
    • Queensland Raceway Sportsman Circuit to Queensland Raceway Sportsman
    • Autodromo Internacional Nelson Piquet to Autodromo Int Nelson Piquet
    • Bilster Berg Gesamstrecke with Chicane to Bilster Berg Gesamstrecke Chicane
    • Rockingham International Circuit Short to Rockingham Int Circuit Short
    • Rockingham International Supersport Circuit to Rockingham Int Supersport Circuit
    • Rockingham International Supersport Long to Rockingham Int Supersport Long
    • Silverstone GP to Silverstone GP Wing SF
    • Silverstone GP Classic SF to Silverstone GP Old SF
    • Silverstone National Circuit to Silverstone National
    • Silverstone International Circuit to Silverstone International
    • Buttonwillow West Loop with Phil Hill to Buttonwillow West Loop with Phil Hill
    • Buttonwillow West Loop without Phil Hill to Buttonwillow West Loop no Phil Hill
    • Inde Motorsports Ranch North Course to Inde Motorsports Ranch North
    • Inde Motorsports Ranch North Course 2 to Inde Motorsports Ranch North 2
    • Inde Motorsports Ranch North Course 4 to Inde Motorsports Ranch North 4
    • Inde Motorsports Ranch South Course to Inde Motorsports Ranch South
    • LVMS Outfield Road Course with Chicane to LVMS Outfield Road Course Chicane
    • Michigan International Speedway Infield long to Michigan Int Speedway Infield long
    • Michigan International Speedway Infield Short to Michigan Int Speedway Infield Short
    • Michigan International Speedway Oval to Michigan Int Speedway Oval
    • New Hampshire Motor Speedway Chicane to New Hampshire Motor Spdwy Chicane
    • Pittsburgh International Race Complex Full to Pittsburgh Int Race Complex Full
    • Pittsburgh International Race Complex North Track to Pittsburgh Int Race Complex North
    • Pittsburgh International Race Complex South Track to Pittsburgh Int Race Complex South
    • Thompson Speedway 1.5 Mile Road Course to Thompson Spdwy 1.5 mile Road Course
    • Thompson Speedway 1.7 Mile Road Course to Thompson Spdwy 1.7 mile Road Course
    • Thunderhill Raceway Park (with turn 5) to Thunderhill Raceway Park Turn 5
    • Thunderhill Raceway Park (without turn 5) to Thunderhill Raceway Park no turn 5
    • Virginia International Raceway Full Course to Virginia Int Raceway Full
    • Virginia International Raceway Grand Course to Virginia Int Raceway Grand
    • Virginia International Raceway Full North Course to Virginia Int Raceway Full North
    • Renamed Virginia International Raceway Full South Course to Virginia Int Raceway Full South
    • Renamed Willow Springs Horse Thief Mile Course to Willow Springs Horse Thief Mile.
    • SF line at Portimao located at incorrect location. SF line now moved to proper location.
    • SF line at Zandvoort located at incorrect location. SF line now moved to proper location. (This should also prevent laptiming occurring incorrectly when driving on the paddock access road)
    • SF line at Thompson Speedway at incorrect location. SF line now moved to proper location.
    • SF Line at Hidden Valley Circuit in Australia has been moved to correct location.
    • Teretonga circuit map and SF line moved to correct location after large offset was detected.
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