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13 - LabSat Interface Modules

During recording, the LabSat monitors the digital input pin, precisely recording the event time of LOW to HIGH or HIGH to LOW transitions. The event times are synchronised to the recorded GPS data with a resolution of around 60 nS.

As data is replayed with the LabSat, any digital event markers in the data are used to drive the digital output to re-create the original event signal.

The Interface modules available for LabSat allow recording and playback of GPS synchronous CAN Bus, RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485 data. All of the interface modules connect directly to the SER socket on the LabSat.

Order Code Description
RLLSIM01 CAN Bus Interface module
RLLSIM02 RS-232 Interface module
RLLSIM03 RS-422 / RS-485 Interface module
RLLSIM04 Dual CAN Bus Interface Module


Because the LabSat is recording the transitions in the signal data and not intelligently interpreting the data, it is not necessary to configure baud rates for any of the modules.

During replay of data that has been recorded with one of the interface modules, the interface module will output the data as it was recorded.

Example Application 1

Development of GPS+IMU integration. Using the RLLSIM02 to record RS-232 data from an IMU during GPS recording. When replaying the GPS data, the LabSat Interface module will transmit the RS-232 IMU data exactly as it was recorded, in sync with the GPS data.

Example Application 2

Development of Navigation software using GPS+CAN Bus. Using the RLLSIM01 to record CAN Bus data from a vehicle while recording GPS on a test drive with the LabSat. When the GPS data is replayed, the RLLSIM01 outputs the CAN Data as it was recorded.

One important point to remember in replaying CAN bus data is that the LabSat is playing the CAN Data in the exact sequence and with the exact timing that it was recorded.

This means that if replaying CAN Data onto a CAN bus with other transmitting nodes, the LabSat will try to transmit data even if another node is already sending a message causing corruption of data on the CAN bus.

For this reason, we do not recommend that the LabSat is used to replay CAN data onto a vehicle or any other CAN Bus in a safety critical application.

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