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05 - LabSat 2 Installing Software

Configuration and control of the LabSat 2 is performed using the supplied LabSat Software. Before using your LabSat 2 it is necessary to install the software which also contains the USB drivers required for communication. Once this has been done the USB cables should be connected to the LabSat 2 prior to it being powered, this allows the configuration of the USB connection from LabSat 2 to the computer.

When you connect to the LabSat 2 via USB for the first time you will be required to install USB drivers, please see the section ‘Connecting LabSat 2 USB’ below.

Insert the supplied CD-ROM into the CD drive of your computer. An installation dialog will automatically appear; follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation of the setup software.

After installation the CD-ROM can be removed and an icon should have appeared on your desktop that will allow you to start the LabSat software.

The LabSat 2 software can also be downloaded from here.

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