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13 - Converting LabSat scenarios

LabSat uses a binary Intermediate Frequency, to down convert GPS RF data into a binary file, whereas LabSat 2 stores GNSS RF data as an IQ binary file. This means that existing LabSat scenarios cannot be run natively on a LabSat 2 or vice versa.

Racelogic has therefore developed a conversion utility which allows LabSat 2 users to perform a one-time conversion of existing LabSat scenarios into the LabSat 2 *.ls2 format or LabSat 2 scenarios into the LabSat *.bin format. The conversion utility is provided with the LabSat software and provides for automatic conversion of LabSat scenario files.  The operation of the conversion utility is shown below.

20 (1).jpg

Clicking the browse button beside Source Scenario allows you to specify the existing LabSat scenario for conversion. LabSat scenarios have the file format: Filename.bin

The LabSat Scenario Converter tool will automatically convert the existing LabSat scenario, Filename.bin into a LabSat 2 scenario, Filename.ls2

The new LabSat 2 scenario will be automatically saved in the same location on the PC as the existing LabSat scenario. It is possible to specify a different location and filename by clicking the browse button beside Destination Scenario, on the LabSat Scenario Converter.

The new LabSat 2 scenario created can now be run on a LabSat 2 GNSS simulator. This new scenario contains only GPS L1 RF and or Galileo E1 data. The RF data for other Constellations is not created by the LabSat Scenario Conversion tool as LabSat does not record those constellations data. Conversely the utility will only convert the GPS/Galileo data for LabSat files.

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