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04 - Remote Control Commands

Top Level Command Overview

 See the subsections for a detailed explanation of each command.

Command Function
PLAY Play or query file. User can add FROM and FOR options to define start position as number of seconds into the file and also duration of replay in seconds.
REC (Record) Record or query file. User can add FOR option to define duration of record in seconds.
ATTN (Attenuation) Set output attenuation. Attenuation level in dB.
MUTE Mute all channels.
CONF (Configuration) Used to configure menu options and read current user configurations.
TYPE Return All text from ‘About’ menu e.g. SN, and unit type.
MEDIA Media storage functions. Used to swap between SD card and USB drive. List files on media and change directories.
HELP Display List of commands for current Level. E.g.; Just HELP:<CR> will list all top level commands. HELP:PLAY:<CR> will list the PLAY commands.
MON (Monitor) Monitor functions such as request levels, switch, raw NMEA output.
FIND Beep and flash display. E.g. to identify single unit among multiple units. Backlight should Flash 500  on then 500 ms off and beep 500 ms on /500 ms off for total of 5 seconds.
SHUTDOWN Powers down the LabSat 3 Wideband. 
RESTART Reboots LabSat 3 Wideband.

Note: For all commands except LIST, inserting a ‘?’ character in place of a setting value will cause the unit to respond with the data.

Example: PLAY:?<CR> will return <filename><CR> of the current file if it is playing, else ERR<CR>.


<CR> means carriage return which is the ASCII character 0x0D or char(13) but not the individual characters ‘<’ ‘C’ ‘R’ ‘>

If manually typing commands in a Telnet terminal, <CR> simply means pressing the Enter key

4 (1).jpg

PLAY Commands
Specification Command
Replay file from start to end PLAY:FILE:name
Replay file from start point for defined duration PLAY:FILE:name:FOR:duration
Replay file from a selected time to the end PLAY:FILE:name:FROM:time
Replay file from a selected time for a defined duration PLAY:FILE:name:FROM:time:FOR:duration
Stop replaying PLAY:STOP
Query the replay status (name & current duration)  PLAY:?

Note: Time and Duration in the commands above should be entered in seconds format.

REC Commands
Specification Command
Record with a default file name REC
Record with a user defined file name REC:FILE:name
Record with a default file name for a set duration REC:FOR:duration
Record with a user defined file name for a set duration REC:FILE:name:FOR:duration
Stop recording REC:STOP
Query the record status (name & current duration) REC:?

Note: Duration in the commands above should be entered in seconds format.

ATTN Commands
Specification Command
Add attenuation on replay (all signals being replayed) ATTN:value
Add attenuation on individual channels ATTN:CH1:value:CH2:value:CH3:value
MUTE Commands
Specification Command
Mute all satellite constellations MUTE:Y
Unmute all satellite constellations MUTE:N
Mute individual channels MUTE:CH1:Y/N:CH2:Y/N:CH3:Y/N
MON Commands
Specification Command
Enable live NMEA stream MON:NMEA:ON
Disable live NMEA stream MON:NMEA:OFF
Request time, height, lat & long MON:LOC
CONF Commands
Specification Command
Set the quantization, bandwidth and frequency to be used for recording CONF:CONS:QUAN:value:BW:value:FREQ:frequency:frequency:frequency
Enable scenarios to be replayed continuously CONF:PLAY:LOOP:Y
Disable continuous replay CONF:PLAY:LOOP:N
Create a pause between each replay CONF:PLAY:PAUSE:duration
Changing the display contrast CONF:SETUP:DISP:CONT:value
Changing the display brightness CONF:SETUP:DISP:BRIG:value
Enabling power save mode CONF:SETUP:PSAV:Y
Disabling power save mode CONF:SETUP:PSAV:N
Enable external clock reference CONF:SETUP:CLKREF:EXT:Y
Manually setting time CONF:SETUP:TIME:MAN:yyyy:mm:dd:hh:mm:ss
Setting the digital channels (CH1,2,3 & 4 configurable individually) CONF:SETUP:DIGI:CH1:function
Disabling digital channels (CH1,2,3 & 4 individually) CONF:SETUP:DIGI:CH1:OFF
Enabling arbitrated CAN recording CONF:SETUP:CAN:LOGFILE:Y/N
Enable arbitrated CAN replay CONF:SETUP:CAN:REPLAYFILE:Y/N
Setting the baud rate on channel 1** CONF:SETUP:CAN:CH1:BAUD:value
Setting the baud rate on channel 2** CONF:SETUP:CAN:CH2:BAUD:value
Enabling/disabling silent record  CONF:SETUP:CAN:SILENT:Y/N
Returns the units configuration CONF:?

*Individual channel changes can be made by only stating the required channel in the command.

**Should be entered in bits or with the prefix 'K' or 'M' for kbit and Mbit.

MEDIA Commands
Specification Command
Show all files on the media MEDIA:LIST
Open a directory (cannot skip folders) MEDIA:CHDIR:directory
Go back one directory MEDIA:CHDIR:..
Go back to root of the media MEDIA:CHDIR:\
Delete a file MEDIA:DELETE:file
HELP Command

The help keyword is used to display the currently available commands for each level of the tree.

For example, HELP<CR> will return:-

Current commands are:












To find out what subcommands are available under the configuration (CONF), send HELP:CONF<CR> which will show:-





Then to list SETUP options, send HELP:CONF:SETUP<CR> which would give:-







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