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06 - LabSat3W Menu layout

Main ‘File Display’ screen button functions

 up (1).jpgdown (1).jpg

Move up/Down through list of files or menu options.
play (1).jpg Begin replay of the currently highlighted file.
rec (1).jpg Start recording to a new file using the current settings. File number will be incremented.
ok (1).jpg Press OK to select option.
power (1).jpg Press for 3 seconds to power down LabSat.

Top Level Menu Functions



  • Info Display file info for selected file.
  • Protect Write protect current file to avoid accidental deletion.
  • Copy Copy selected file to SD/USB media.
  • Delete – Delete selected file, Yes/No.
  • Format – Erase and Format internal SSD, Yes/No.


Allows configuration of recorded frequency bands. Within the constellation options are signal bit-depth (quantisation) and bandwidth settings. Depending on the combination of bit depth and bandwidth, the number of configurable RF channels will be automatically adjusted to maintain the maximum available disk (SSD) bandwidth.

  • Quan/Bandwidth Adjust both quantisation (bit depth) and recorded signal bandwidth. Changing bandwidth will clear the RF channel settings requiring new RF channel selection by the user.
  • RF Channel 1/2/3 – Configure the centre frequency for each available RF channel. Only frequencies containing valid GNSS signals for the selected bandwidth will be shown. In addition to this, once a frequency has been selected on one channel, the same frequency cannot be used on another channel.
  • Load Custom Profile Allows the user to select a profile that has been previous saved via the Web Server.

Play Options

Allows control over how LabSat will replay a file.

  • Loop Selected file will replay continuously.
    • Pause Define a pause duration between loops.
  • From Specify a time in the scenario to replay from.
  • For Specify how long the scenario will replay for.

Record Options

Allows control over how LabSat will record a file.

  • For Specify how long the LabSat will record for.


Most user configurable device settings are accesses from the SETUP menu.

    • OCXO – Configure clock to OCXO (Oven Controlled Oscillator).
    • TCXO Configure clock to TCXO (Temperature Controlled Oscillator).
    • External 10 MHz Configure clock to 10 MHz external signal.
    • REF OUT Output a 10 MHz reference signal for use by other systems (available when OCXO or TCXO is selected).
  • Digital
    • CH1 to CH4
      • CAN1Record CAN Bus channel 1.
      • CAN2 – Record CAN Bus channel 2.
      • 1PPSRecord 1PPS signal from internal GNSS monitor (disable power save).
      • RS232 – Record RS232 signal.
      • DIGI 1 – Record state of DIGI 1 input.
      • DIGI 2 – Record state of DIGI 2 input.
  • Ext Sync When enabled allows the user to synchronize record or replay using a switch on the DIGI2 expansion pin.
  • CAN
    • Log File – When selected the CAN data will be logged into a separate .txt file.
    • Replay Log File When selected if a .txt file is available for the scenario it will be replayed.
    • CAN1 – Set the desired baud rate.
    • CAN2 – Set the desired baud rate.
    • Silent Record Determines whether or not the LabSat sends an acknowledge pulse during recording (both channels).
  • RS232
    • Log File When selected the serial data will be logged into a separate .ser file.
    • Replay Log File When selected if a .ser file is available for the scenario it will be replayed.
    • Port Settings
      • Baud Set the desired baud rate.
      • Databits Set the desired databit.
      • Stopbits Set the desired stopbit.
      • Parity Set the desired parity.
  • LAN
    • Static IP Enable/Disable Static IP.
    • IP Set the IP address assigned to LabSat 3 Wideband (available when Static IP is selected).
    • Mask Set the Subnet mask assigned to LabSat 3 (available when Static IP is selected).
    • GW Set the default gateway for the network (available when Static IP is selected).
  • Display – Adjust display contrast and backlight brightness.
  • Power Save – When selected, will power down display backlight and internal monitor during recording.
  • Disable Beep When selected the keypad sound will be disabled.
  • Time – Configure internal clock using UTC time from internal GNSS monitor or set manually.
  • Export Config A settings.txt file containing the LabSat's current settings will be placed in the root of the SSD.

About Contains information specific to the LabSat, e.g. serial number and firmware version.

ExitReturn to file list.

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