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17 - LabSat3W WiFi Dongle

The LabSat 3 Wideband Web Server can be accessed on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets to allow the user to configure and monitor the LabSat, connection is made possible using a WiFi dongle. The USB WiFi dongle must use a RT5370 chipset.

This feature will allow for remote control of the system and will be particularly useful in the field. For example, the LabSat 3 Wideband can be controlled from the front of a vehicle, monitoring the performance in real-time.

The WiFi Dongle should be connected to the Host USB port on the LabSat rear panel. Once connected a hotspot will be created using the LabSat host name, the host name will be ‘labsatv3w_xxxxxxxx’, where xxxxxxxx is replaced with the LabSat serial number (the serial number must be entered in an 8 digit format, leading zeros should be used). Connection can also be made by entering ‘’ in the web browser address bar.

When selecting the hotspot on a mobile device, a password will be requested prior to connection, the password for all LabSat hotspots is ‘secret1234’. Please note that the password is case sensitive and should be entered all lowercase.

Note: If WiFi and Ethernet connection are used at the same time, there may be a ‘disconnected’ status displayed on the web server. This is due to limitations of handling data from two interfaces.

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