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Calculating CAN IDs of VBOX input modules


If it is required to log the VBOX data and input module data on an external CAN bus data logger, then it is possible to connect the Racelogic CAN bus to the external data logger, providing that the CAN bus from the external data logger does not also contain much additional CAN bus data.

If it is required to log VBOX CAN traffic between input modules and VBOX's then you will need to know how to understand the CAN id's of input modules when used in this way.

The CAN id is made by multiplying the serial number by 2048, e. g. the FIM02 Module serial number 005430 would give the CAN id as 5430 * 2048 = 11120640 (a9b000hex).

The hex format of the CAN id is the commonly used format. This first id would contain channels 1 and 2. Then increment the hex address by 2 (i.e. a9b002) to get channels 3 and 4.

If there are more channels in the Module then add another 2 to the hex address for the id of the next two channels.

Another example ADC03, serial number 004182: 4182 * 2048 = 8564736 which equates to 82b000 in hex


Channel 1,2 have the CAN id 82b000

Channel 3,4 have the CAN id 82b002

Channel 5,6 have the CAN id 82b004

Channel 7,8 have the CAN id 82b006

Note: Input modules when used in stand-alone mode do not use CAN id's calculated this way.

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