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03 Display Mode Overview – OLED Display DPS05-M

The DSP05 OLED Display has different display modes that you can access by using the  ▲▼ buttons on the unit.

Even if you choose not to display it, the data displayed on each screen is always calculated by the connected Video VBOX Lite at all times (with the exception of Delta-T which is calculated by the DSP05 OLED Display). Click on the name of each mode to find relevant setup information. 


Max Speed.png

Speed Max. Speed
Lap Timing.png Predictive lap timing.png
Lap Timing Predictive Lap Timing

Lap count.png

Longitudinal G.png
Lap Count Longitudinal G
Longitudinal G bar.png Lateral G.png
Longitudinal G Bar Lateral G
Lateral G Bar.png Speed bar.png
Lateral G Bar Speed Bar
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