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13 - VBOX Mini Connecting to external devices

Drift Data output

VBOXMini transmits live data on its serial port at the rear of the VBOXMini when it is in Drift Mode. Any other devices with a serial input, such as a Video VBOX unit, can use this data. A serial output cable will be required, please see the VBOX website to check which cable is required.  

In Drift Practice Mode, the RS232 serial port outputs the following message at 115200bps at 10Hz intervals:


sss.s                = speed in kmh

±gg.g               = g-force in g (lateral)

±ll.l                   = g-force in g (longitudinal)

±ddd.d             = drift angle

pp.p                 = points

Notes: ensure that:

The ‘Sectors’ option has not been selected, as the output when in this mode is different.

The VBOX Mini must have a GPS lock to send out data.

Drift Telemetry coms mode is ticked.


NMEA data output*

When VBOXMini diagnostic mode is active the VBOXMini serial port outputs NMEA standard format GPS information. This makes it directly compatible for use as GPS input to mapping software programs for navigation use, such as Microsoft’s Streets and Trips, Route 66 or similar software. A serial output cable will be required (part number RLCAB040), please see the VBOX Motorsport website or contact your local supplier for details. NMEA data is output at a baud rate of 4800 kbit/s.

*Please note this function is not supported on units purchased after August 2012

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