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Assembly - Survey Trolley

Assemble the Survey Trolley

  1. Remove the small nut and washer from the male connector on the SMA cable (A8).
  2. Insert the male connector of the SMA cable through the small hole on the telemetry antenna bracket (A10).
  3. Attach the washer and nut on the Male connector to fasten it to the antenna bracket and use an 8-mm spanner to tighten it.
  4. Attach the telemetry antenna (A9) to the male SMA cable connector (A8).
  5. Remove the telescopic pole from the surveying rucksack (A2).
  6. Remove the plastic cover from the end of the pole.
  7. Secure the antenna bracket (A10) on the telescopic pole with the stainless steel nut provided.
  8. Attach the telescopic pole to the surveying rucksack.
  9. Route the SMA cable (A8) through the bag’s interior.
  10. Attach the female connector on the SMA cable (A8) to the VBOX Telemetry Module (G).
  11. Place the stainless-steel offset bracket (A4) on top of the rover wheels (A6) facing towards the direction of travel.
  12. Secure with the stainless-steel nut provided.
  13. Fix the telescopic handle (A7) to the rover wheels (A6) with the washers and bolt provided. Note: Make sure that the washers are fitted to either side of the telescopic handle before you secure the bolt. Do not over-tighten.
  14. Screw the GPS ground plane antenna (B) to the protruding bolt at the top of the offset bracket. Note: Make sure that the ground plane antenna’s connector is in line with the telescopic handle.

Assembly instructions - telescopic pole and antenna on the antenna bracket.png

Assembly instructions - offset bracket and wheels.png

  Assembly instructions - parts overview-no VBOX Manager.png  
  Survey Trolley In Use .png  
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