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01 - CAN02 Introduction

CAN02 is used by automotive manufacturers who need to log additional vehicle CAN bus information and also prevent unwanted data being placed onto the test vehicle CAN bus. When used with a VBOX or Video VBOX, CAN02 also gives testers the ability to utilise other Racelogic modules to log and measure a wide variety of parameters at the same time as connecting to an active vehicle CAN bus. 

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Key features

  • 250 kbit, 500 kbit and 1Mbit CAN rates
  • Up to 16 separate CAN parameters
  • Scale and offset data to record real values
  • Blocks VBOX data from being transmitted onto the vehicle CAN bus
  • Optional vehicle data sets available on request

CAN02 is able to recognise 16 different variables being transmitted on a CAN bus and translate them into a signal that a VBOX, Video VBOX or third party data logger can interpret and log. These additional channels are also useful when logging lots of data.

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CAN02 allows logging of vehicle CAN bus data by VBOX and other third party data loggers. It collects user defined CAN messages from the vehicle bus and transfers them to the VBOX. This removes the need to have two separate can busses on the VBOX. 

Inventory and Accessories

Parts supplied with RLVBCAN02

Description Quantity Product Code
16 Channel Vehicle CAN Interface (VCI) 1 VBCAN02 
5 Way Lemo to 5 Way Lemo - 300mm  1 RLCAB006 
5 Way Lemo to 9 Way 'D' Connector  1 RLCAB019L 

Optional accessories

Description Product Code
Serial connection cable for stand-alone configuration.  RLCAB001
OBD-II to 9 way D-Sub CAN Interface cable RLCAB020
5 Way LEMO – 5 Way LEMO – CAN only RLCAB005-C

Note: Not all vehicles have CAN available on the OBD connector

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