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Pass-By Noise Testing

Pass-By Noise Testing

Many countries enforce pass-by noise legislation on the maximum noise emission limits of different types of vehicles. Racelogic provides Pass-By (or Drive-By) Noise testing equipment to log channels such as Engine RPM, vehicle velocity and maximum vehicle exterior noise on various types of vehicles, according to procedures defined by international standards such as ISO 362.

VBOX Test Suite has been enhanced to include Pass-By Noise plugins allowing development programs to be completed to the ECE EPA (motorcycle), ECE R41 (motorcycle), ECE R51 (automobile), ECE R117 (tyres) and ECE R138 (quiet vehicles, e.g. electric) standards, prior to homologation testing.

Traditionally Pass-by Noise testing has required two operatives to conduct a full range of tests, however with the VBOX Pass-By Noise solution, only one operative is needed. Microphones placed within the test area output to a VBOX Mini Input Module, which in turn continuously transmits the converted sound readings to the VBOX 3i GPS data logger mounted on the test vehicle.

For more information on Pass-By Noise Testing using VBOX, please visit the Pass-By Noise Testing section of our VBOX Automotive website.


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