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05 - Brake Pedal Force Sensor Specification

Technical Specifications

Measurement range 0 – 150 kg (1470.99 N)
Overload limit 225 kg (2206.5 N)
Measurement accuracy (% FSO) 1%
Zero balance/offset (%/rated output) 2% FSO (*0.1 V)
Non-Linearity (%/rated output) <±0.5% FSO
Hysteresis (%/rated output) <±0.5% FSO
Output range 0 – 5 V DC


Operating temperature range -10°C to +40°C
Temperature effect on zero (%/rated output/C) <±0.007%/°C FSO
Temperature effect on output (%/applied load/C) <±0.005%/°C FSO


Voltages 8.5 – 28 V
Current draw 8 mA (typical)


IP Rating IP66
Material Stainless steel
Weight Load cell: 435 g; bracket: 250 g; bolts: 50 g; total: 740 g
Cell dimensions (diameter x h) 75 mm x 24.5 mm
Bracket dimensions (l x w x h) 146.2 mm x 93.3 mm 19 mm

Note: The pedal force transducer has a zero load output of approximately 0.1 V.


Brake Pedal Force Sensor Dimensions.png

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