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VBOX 3iS Dual Antenna RTK

The VBOX 3iS Dual Antenna RTK is a compact GNSS-aided inertial navigation system (INS) with Ethernet robot connectivity and the ability to utilise wheel speed data from a vehicle’s CAN bus.

In areas with poor satellite coverage, it can combine wheel speed and survey-grade GNSS measurements with the IMU data in a Kalman filter to maintain accurate measurements of speed, heading and position. It can also make brake stop distance and slip angle measurements at 100 Hz.

Being RTK (Real-time Kinematic) enabled, the VBOX 3iS unit offers cm-level accuracy when used with an RTCMv3 correction source. This makes is suitable as a Remote VBOX Target in a VBOX ADAS test or it can be used with a steering robot, which it can connect to via Ethernet. 

VBOX 3iSDR 400x256.png
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