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How to Update the NTRIP Modem Firmware

As more features are added in the future, it is recommended to check the website periodically for updates. To upgrade the NTRIP Modem firmware, download the following from the VBOX Automotive website:

Update Procedure

  1. Connect the NTRIP Modem to a PC via USB using the supplied cable TTV2AMBBLK1M to the USB connector on the top of the unit.
    IMPORTANT - Ensure you are using the supplied USB cable as it is needed to deal with the increased power requirements of the modem.
  2. Double click on the .upgrade update file, which auto runs the Upgrader Software. The firmware file will automatically load on to the unit, there is no need to select a COM port or select 'Upgrade’ within the Software.
    Note: Ensure that the NTRIP Modem USB Driver is installed or else the unit will not be detected.
  3. The unit will then display an update progress screen.

NTRIP Modem Upgrade.png

  1. Once complete, the unit will restart.
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