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RACELOGIC Support Centre

915 MHz Telemetry Radios (RTM915)

The Racelogic RTM915 radio modules are designed for use with the VBOX range of products.

Each module contains a high power radio modem capable of transmitting and receiving RS232 serial data.

Operating at 915 MHz, the radios can be used with a Base Station throughout the USA, Brazil and Australia to provide DGPS corrections to a VBOX.

  • Powerful 1 W radio giving range up to 3500 m
  • Each radio supplied with magnetic mounting antenna
  • Simple connection directly to VBOX (one cable)
  • Uses 915 MHz licence free radio band
The Base Station variant (RLRTM915V2BS) is designed to connect to the Racelogic Base Station and transmit DGPS corrections to a remote VBOX. The VBOX variant (RLRTM915V2RV) is designed to connect to a VBOX to receive DGPS corrections from a Base Station.
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