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Telemetry Radio Base Station – Variable Frequency (RLRTMVARBS)

A long-distance, variable-frequency radio that can transmit data between 403 and 470 MHz.

The variable frequency and power of these radios make them viable in many countries. Please check local RF licensing regulations.

With a typical max range of 10 km (at 1 W), the radios can be used with a Base Station to provide DGPS radio coverage to most areas of a proving ground.

Package Contents
No. of items Product Code Description
1 YM6500 VBOX Transmit and Receive Radio (Satel)
1 RLACS142-VAR VBOX Base Station Antenna (Variable) – 5m
Note: If you need improved range, you can order a Mast Mount Option (RLACS153-VAR) separately.


Input Voltage
  • 3 to 9 V DC (Option 1)
  • 6 to 30 V DC (Option 2)
Radio Transmission Power
  • 100 mW
  • 200 mW
  • 500 mW
  • 1000 mW
Base Station Duty Cycle < 10%
Carrier Frequency 330 to 420 MHz/403 to 473 MHz
Radio Data Rate 19,200 bit/s
RS232 Data Rate 300 to 38,400 bit/s (configurable)
Approvals Complies with the following international standards: EN 300 113-2 (Annex A), EN60950 (Safety), EN 301 489 (EMC), FCC CFR47 section 90


Module Dimensions 88 mm x 49 mm x 9 mm
Weight 50 g
Operating Temperature - 30 °C to + 65 °C
Storage Temperature - 40 °C to + 80 °C


Transmission Range
Difficult environment
(e.g. buildings, reinforced concrete)

1 to 2 km (max 6,561 ft)

Open environment with antennas at ground level
(e.g. vehicle roofs)
3 to 5 km (max 16,404 ft)
In view with Base Station antenna at height
(e.g. building roof)
6 to 10 km (max 32,808 feet)
Note: Obstacles such as walls and trees can greatly affect the range.