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Performance Box Touch Firmware Updates

Racelogic released the latest Performance Box Touch Firmware, Version, in October 2022 

This version of the Performance Box Touch firmware includes some changes and brings additional functionality to the unit.

Many of the changes have been made directly from customer feedback requesting new features. Some changes have been made to fix bugs and other issues found during testing.

We strongly recommend that all users upgrade to the latest firmware release to take advantage of the new features and benefit from the improved stability.


Version - 18 October 2022

Includes all features of version (V2 only release) plus the following:


  • Addition of miles/kilometres option for distance on Average Speed screen.
    Users can now change between metres/kilometres, or feet/miles for distance display on the Average Speed screen, previously only metres or feet were available.


  • [Fix] Lateral and Longitudinal acceleration channels now zero below 4 satellites.
    Lateral and Longitudinal Acceleration channels were previously displaying values when the satellite count was 3, when anything below 4 should give no data for all GNSS channels.

  • [Fix] Decel test speed setting was not always updated to reflect a unit change.
    Changing speed units could result in the decel test using the previous speed value [but displaying new units) until a power cycle.

  • [Fix] Issue on average speed screen when crossing midnight UTC.
    When crossing midnight UTC, the elapsed distance could reset to zero and the average speed would change to show live speed.

  • [Fix] Issue with the unit displaying an error on bootup due to corrupted lap timing settings.
    Any track name of the maximum size would cause an exception when saving to EEPROM.

Version - May 2022

(first release for V2)


  • [New} Adds support for the new 25 Hz GPS engine (Performance Box Touch V2)


  • [Change] “Alert at target” now resets when under 50% of target speed (previously only reset when stationary)
  • [Change] Changed result rounding to match VBOX Test Suite
  • [Change] Removed direct navigation between different settings areas
  • [Fix] Stint time was incorrect after performing a coldstart while moving
  • [Fix] Very rare crash when powered by battery

Version - September 2021


  • Fixes issue where user scripts could crash when sat lock acquired

Version - July 2021


  • [New] Added secondary (multiple tests) and best result acceleration screens
  • [New] Option to ignore double-distance laps


  • [Fix] Screen and VBO behaviour now matches with <4 satellites
  • [Fix] Resolved slight result difference between screens at times (due to rounding)
  • [Fix] Improved stability if the card is removed whilst logging
  • [Change] New menu layout with quicker access to each area

Version - May 2021

Released to bring Performance Box Touch in line with the launch of VBOX Touch RTK

Version - March 2021


  • [Fix] Logged speed now correctly drops when no valid solution is available
  • [Fix] Changing results save format doesn’t reset manual logging override
  • [Fix] Fixed flashing text on decel results history reset
  • [Fix] Fixed jump in results when opening history
  • [Fix] Inaccurate position in files when logging straight after a coldstart
  • [Fix] Improved behaviour when setting end of test to minimum values
  • [Fix] Date format now retained through boot
  • [Fix] Fixed speed dropout at high speed (~225mph and above)
  • [Fix] Long term logging stability improvements
  • [Fix] On-screen accel test could reset too early with higher levels of speed smoothing
  • [Change] Reworded message shown when no tracks are found in the database
  • [Change] Speed smoothing value now 0.25 by default
  • [Change] End of test alert now enabled by default
  • [Change] Increased maximum satellites used to 12

Version - December 2020


  • [NEW] Performance Box Touch Battery Support


  • [CHANGE] Acceleration Test Result remains on screen when stationary
  • [CHANGE] 0-Speed-0 test alert at target speed rather than end
  • [CHANGE] Result history list improvements
  • [CHANGE] Minor UI tweaks
  • [FIX] Screenshots could cause unexpected behaviour
  • [FIX] Unit could randomly become unresponsive
  • [FIX] Inaccurate position in files before sat lock is obtained
  • [Fix] Left arrow could incorrectly show as available
  • [Fix] Crash could occur during setting of manual gates
  • [Fix] Manually loaded reference lap was not retained through power cycle

Version - August 2020

  • [New] Performance tests now reset upon satellite drop
  • [Fix] Performance test results now displayed properly on the results' table pages

Version - May 2020

  • [Fix] Improves screen responsiveness when changing modes
  • [Fix] Improved delta time colours around 0.00s
  • [Fix] Loading same gates no longer cause lap data to reset

Version - May 2020

Initial Release


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