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06/2022: VBOX IISL – Dual Antenna Firmware Update

Racelogic released the latest VBOX IISL – Dual Antenna Firmware, v1.11 7* in June 2022 

To support the latest hardware we have released this firmware update for the VBOX IISL – Dual Antenna. You can read more about this firmware update and download it on our Automotive firmware download page. Look for the download named: “VBOX IISX – Dual Antenna".

You can find more information on how to update your VBOX IISL firmware here.

Release Notes: 

VBOX IISL – Dual Antenna

Compatible Products (Product Code):
VB20SL-V3 (= S/N 37341 onwards)

1.11.6 - June 2022

*Only update if you purchased your unit after 06/2022 (S/N 096429 onwards)

  • NEW firmware released for serial variants 096429 onwards
  • Support for VB20SL V4 equipped with a new GNSS engine.
1.10 b0007 - October 2020
  • Support for VB20SL V4 with new GNSS engine added
1.10 bld0004 - December 2014 

* Only update if you purchased your unit after 01/12/2014 (S/N 37341 onwards).

  • NEW firmware released for serial variants 79341 onwards. For previous hardware variants, please see the Legacy Firmware and Software page.


Firmware for units purchased before 01/12/2014 is available here.


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