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05 CAN/RS232/USB – VBOX IISL – Dual Antenna


VBOX IISL - Dual Antenna units are equipped with a CAN bus interface, an RS232 serial socket, and a USB socket. You can use either of the SERIAL or USB sockets for all communication between the VBOX IISL and a PC, including configuring the VBOX IISL and transmitting live data from the VBOX IISL to the PC for viewing and performing real-time tests.

Note: Only the USB socket can be used to upgrade the VBOX IISL’s firmware.


The CAN Bus port is available in either the socket labelled CAN or the socket labelled Serial. This CAN port has two functions, CAN Input in VCI mode and CAN Input in Racelogic Modules mode.

The Socket labelled CAN also contain a secondary RS232 port for direct connections to the GPS engine. You can use this to provide the GPS engine with Local DGPS correction messages, or occasionally, for fault-finding under the instruction of a Racelogic employee.

VCI Mode

You should select this mode if you wish to log incoming CAN data from external third-party modules from a Racelogic Micro Input Module.

Note: In VCI mode, it is not possible to use the CAN output or connect to any other Racelogic module.

In this mode, you can log internal CAN input channels. To load CAN bus message information, use the VBOX Setup Software to navigate to the VCI Modules tab of the Channels menu. You can configure channels by clicking on any channel box. This will bring up a new window, where you can load a CAN database file (.dbc/.ref/.vci) using the Load button or define the channel manually. Alternatively, if you select the Vehicle database option, you can browse the vehicle CAN database and select CAN channels specific to your vehicle. If it is available, CAN connection information for the vehicle will also appear on the right-hand side.

VBII VBOX Setup Channels VCI User.png
User-defined channel properties

VBII VBOX Setup Channels VCI Database.png
Vehicle database channel properties

Racelogic Modules Mode

You should select this mode when you connect Racelogic modules to the VBOX IISL or when you need CAN output from your VBOX IISL.

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