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03 - VBOX Micro Logging

Logging Control

Logging of data to the CF card can be controlled in two ways:

  • Opening the CF card door: This triggers a micro switch that stops the logging and closes the file. Closing the door will restart the logging to a new file (dependent on logging mode).
  • Pressing the '■' button: This will stop the logging and close the current file. Pressing the '■' button again will then re-start the logging to a new file. If 'Only when moving' logging mode is selected, the '■' button can only be used to control logging once speed is detected (>0.5 km/h).

Logging Modes

The VBOX Micro supports two logging modes that are set using VBOX Setup software:

  • Log continuously.
  • Log only when moving (speed >0.5 km/h)

Logging Rates

The VBOX Micro has an adjustable log rate set within VBOX Setup. This allows the log rate to be set in the range between 1 sample per minute and 10 samples per second (10 Hz).

File Management

VBOX Micro data files are stored in Month folders on the CF card, i.e. Jan14. Each logged file will have a name based on date with the following format: Mon04Dec07_XXXX.VBO.

A new file name is created for each new day, if a file is being logged when the time crosses midnight a new file is not created. If the system is switched off and then on again in the same day then it will append new data to the existing file for that day. If one file is closed and another created on the same day they can be distinguished by an increment to the file number, i.e. Mon04Dec07_0001.VBO, Mon04Dec07_0002.VBO. When a module is connected the unit must be power cycled, once the unit is recognised this will then cause the VBOX Micro to open a new file as above.

Memory Cards

The VBOX Micro stores logged data on Compact Flash (CF) cards. The supplied CF cards are already optimised for use on the VBOX Micro and as such do not need formatting before use.

Should the CF Card need formatting due to card errors it can be done through Windows, as the VBOX Micro supports the following format type:

  • FAT (up to 2 GB)
  • FAT32 (up to 128 GB)

Racelogic strongly recommends the following media card brands:

  • SanDisk
  • Kingston
  • Lexar
  • Ultra
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