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01 - Brake Test SW Introduction

Racelogic Brake Test Software is a stand-alone application specifically designed for Racelogic customers who are performing high dynamic brake stop tests using a VB3i or VBSS100.

The software is able to process both live serial data and recorded VBO files in order to generate results from either brake trigger or deceleration tests. This allows customers to perform multiple brake stop tests and view the results in a visually clear manner.
The software is more configurable, clearer and visual than the Report Generator brake stop test results in VBOX Tools.

Testing Environments

Due to the dynamic nature of a brake stop test a VBOX 3i should be set to its highest dynamic, most sensitive settings.  To obtain good results from this it is essential that such a test is performed in an area of good, clear satellite reception (no high buildings, trees) with the antenna receiving a clear view to the sky with no obstructions (roof racks, etc).

How to set up equipment for live testing

To generate results from live serial data the software must be toggled to be Online under the Options tab.

online (1).png


Live data requires your software to be able to communicate with your VBOX.  To do this a RLCAB001 serial cable must be connected to the serial port of your VBOX.  This connection will be assigned a COM port by your computer.  This relevant COM port must then be assigned under the Options tab.

com_port (1).png

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