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08 - VBOX File Processor - Lane Departure

Lane Departure Plugin allows you to generate lane departure data between the vehicle and the nearest two lanes

Lane departure calculations can be mixed with existing VBOX File Processor plugin functions such as filtering, renaming, smoothing, synchronising or maths channel generation

The customised lane departure data can be output in KML, VBO and CSV file format for use in VBOX Tools or other data analysis software.


How does it work?

Simply drag and drop the Lane Departure process block from the ADAS menu into the working area and load the VBOX files you have recorded during the test manoeuvre. Add the surveyed lane data, configure your calculation parameters and channels, and create the output file.

lane_departure (1).jpg

VBOX File Processor – Lane departure plugin in working area.


  • Calculates and processes lane departure and vehicle separation data
  • Fully configurable calculation modes
  • Exports to VBO, CSV, KML
  • Filtering and smoothing
  • Standard and custom maths channels
  • Batch processing of VBO files
  • Data preview within the software

Channel configuration options

The VBOX Lane Departure plugin allows you to configure how distances between the subject vehicle and lane edges are calculated.

lane3 (1).jpg

A vehicle can be referenced by fixed points or a polygon.

lane4 (1).png

Lane departure can be set to represent ‘distance perpendicular to lane’, ‘distance perpendicular to vehicle’ or ‘shortest distance’.

lane5 (1).jpg

Surveyed lane edges can be previewed in the software to make sure that the correct lanes have been referenced.

lane6 (1).jpg

Channels can be deselected if looking for a specific set of outputs, and smoothing distance/speed threshold can be set.


Configurations and calculation sequences can be saved and applied to other files.


All process blocks within VBOX File Processor are free of charge. However, ADAS plugins require 'free' registration.

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