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File Export Options in VBOX Test Suite

This page will provide you with information about the different available files export options and the menu locations where you can access them.

VBOX Test Suite gives users the ability to save the full file, export a bespoke report, export the specific test settings or export the geographic data of the GPS trace. These files can then be used in third-party applications or be re-imported into VBOX Test Suite to support other data. This page will show you how to access and fully utilise these functions in the VBOX Test Suite software.

Export Full File

Menu Directions: File -> Save as

File Options: .VBO and .CSV

Function: Save the full file, including data, settings and results. You can then reopen it in VBOX Test Suite or in Excel for a more detailed analysis.

VBOX Test Suite_Export Full File_fullscreen.png
Export Settings File

Menu Directions: Home -> Save

File Options: .VBTS only

Function: Export only the settings in the current session. This covers test settings and superficial settings, including but not limited to, layouts, personal preferences, and colours.

VBOX Test Suite_Export Settings file_fullscreen.png
Export Geographic Data

Menu Directions: Map -> Export to .kml

File Options: .KML only

Functions: Exports only the geographic data, which is compatible with Google Earth. This option will give you the ability to view the vehicle GPS trace in the Google Earth application.

VBOX Test Suite_Map_Export geographic data_fullscreen.png
Export Report

Menu Directions: Test Setup -> Report -> Export

File Options: .XLSX, .PDF and .DOCX

Functions: Exports a report generated from the test result data in different easily accessible document types. These reports are created to make it easier to interpret and distribute the data. This function os not available in Workspace.

VBOX Test Suite_Export Report_fullscreen.png
Export Gates Data

Menu Directions: Map -> Export (Gates)

File Options: .SPL only

Functions: Exports the geographic data relevant to the X,Y position of 2 points that form a ‘Gate’ that a vehicle may drive through to trigger a condition. This data is useable in various VBOX products for lap timing purposes and in the Circuit Tools software.

VBOX Test Suite_Export Gates_fullscreen.png
How to Select Runs to be Exported Separate From a Report
  1. Open VBOX Test Suite and load data from the File tab.
  2. Select the test type to generate results.
    All runs will be automatically selected for initial inclusion. You can choose specific runs, by unticking the check box next to Run.
  3. Click the specific check boxes next to the runs you wish to include in the report.
  4. When you click Export, a drop down menu will appear in the Test subsection of the Test Setup ribbon.
    Save as CSV to export the results in an Excel-friendly format to allow the data to be reviewed sample by sample.
    Save as Text to export the results so you can view it in Notepad.
    Save Run As will isolated that particular run and export it as its own .VBO file that you can reimport and open in Test Suite.
VBOX Test Suite_Select runs to export separately_fullscreen.png
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