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VBOX Test Suite Installation Guide


This Installation Guide will guide you through the steps required to install VBOX Test Suite.

IMPORTANT – Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 or newer is required (must be compatible with .Net Framework 4.7.1)

Installation File

Once the installation file is downloaded in your directory, double-click to run.

Note: You may require administrator rights to install the installation file!

save_settings (2).png


installation_guide_1 (1).png

installation_guide_2 (1).png

installation_guide_3 (1).png

installation_guide_4 (1).png

installation_guide_5 (1).png

installation_guide_6 (1).png

installation_guide_7 (1).png

installation_guide_8 (1).png


Once the installation is complete and VBOX Test Suite is launched for the first time, you will be prompted to register VBOX Test Suite.

installation_guide_9-1 (1).png

installation_guide_11 (1).png

Before clicking the ‘Continue’ button, go to your registered email and click on the link to complete registration.

installation_guide_12 (1).png

You will see the following confirmation in your web browser, after which you can click the ‘Continue’ button to complete the process.

installation_guide_13 (1).png

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