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19 - VBOX Tools Troubleshooting

No Satellite Lock

  • Check that the antenna connection is clean and secure.
  • Check the antenna cable for any damage.
  • If a second antenna is available use this to eliminate the possibility of an antenna fault.
  • Perform a GPS cold start (See Below) and then leave the VBOX connected to the antenna and powered up in an open, static position for 15 minutes.

No Communication

  • If the red LED on the front of the VBOX is not illuminated then there is no power to the unit; check that battery is fresh or, if using a cigar lighter, check internal cigar lighter fuse.
  • Check that the serial cable (CAB01) is plugged into plug 5 on the back of the VBOXII or socket RS232 on the VBOXIII.
  • Check that the serial cable is plugged into the COM port of the PC.
  • Check that no other programs are using the same COM port.
  • Try going into ‘VBOX Set-up’, and then exiting again.
  • Disconnect the power to the VBOX, then reconnect it.

COM Port Unavailable

  • The computer may have been started with a VBOX connected to it; disconnect the VBOX, restart the computer then reconnect the VBOX.
  • Another software package installed on your computer may have reserved the COM port.
  • If using a VBOX Mini, SX, or SL, the unit may be in Card Reader mode; enter the Setup Menu and select ‘USB MODE’, then ‘VBOX TOOLS’.

VBOX not responding - GPS Coldstart

A GPS coldstart forces the GPS engine to reset its downloaded almanac of current satellite positions. This can be useful if the VBOX is having trouble locking onto satellites, which typically occurs if the VBOX has not been used for several weeks or if it was last used a long distance (over one thousand miles) away from the current location.

After performing a GPS coldstart leave the VBOX powered up in a static location where the antenna has an unobstructed view of the skies until the ‘GPS’ LED becomes solid green.

Once the VBOX has downloaded the new almanac it will reacquire satellites in noisy situations (such as near trees, buildings and under bridges) much more quickly. It will also acquire satellite much more quickly on power-up.

To perform a GPS coldstart on the VBOX see the ‘VBOX Tools – Tools Menu’ section of the manual.

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