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VBOX Micro Kit


  • GPS Data logger in IP66 rated enclosure.
  • Adjustable log rate from 100 ms to 60 s/sample.
  • Includes a CAN bus connection to provide connectivity to one Racelogic CAN input module and provide a CAN output.
  • CAN data set provided.
  • OLED or MFD Display connectivity.
  • CF card storage, USB port for configuration.
  • Most useful for quick temporary fitment during site visits to capture GPS data for TKPH modelling, driver analysis and haul road evaluation.

Further details on the VBOX Mining Hardware range are available on our website.

VBOX Micro Quick start link.png VBOX Micro User manual link.png
RLVBMIC-Mining-1.jpg RLVBMIC-Mining-Antenna-RVBLACS018-1.jpg
RLVBMIC-Mining-Battery-RLACS112F-1.jpg RLVBMIC-Mining-Cigar-Power-RLCAB10F-1.jpg
RLVBMIC-Mining-Extension-Cable-RLCAB018-1.jpg RLVBMIC-Mining-Close-Hole-1.jpg
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