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How to Connect Video VBOX to Vehicle CAN Bus

Video VBOX systems have the ability to capture CAN channels from a vehicle's CAN bus system. The most common parameters available are RPM, wheel speed and throttle position.

OBD Port

If your vehicle has an OBDII (On-Board Diagnostics) port, the RLCAB069 Cable is available, as well as the RLACS228 Bluetooth Module (VBOX Video HD2 only) to connect the Video VBOX to the vehicle CAN Bus.

OBD Cable.jpg


OBD Module1.jpg

OBD Bluetooth Module for HD2

Information on OBDII port location can be found here.

CAN Cables

If your vehicle does not have an OBDII socket, the Video VBOX unit can be connected to the vehicle CAN Bus in a couple of ways.

clip_on (2).jpg

Clip on CAN Bus Interface

rlcab015l-unterminated-far (2).png

Unterminated CAN Interface Cable

RLACS182 Clip-on Interface is available which encloses the CAN-hi and CAN-lo cables without breaking into them, inductively reading the signals. Alternatively, the RLCAB015 Cable allows for bare wire connection to the CAN High and CAN Low wires in a vehicle's wiring loom. This cable terminates in 6 wires, however only the Blue and White wires are required. Red, Black, Yellow and Green are folded away and not use

Blue Wire   =  CAN High

White Wire =  CAN Low


The Racelogic vehicle CAN database contains hundreds of different signals, for many different makes and models of vehicles, CAN database files can be downloaded from here. Alternatively, If using a VBOX Video HD2, the CAN vehicle database is included within the Setup Software.

CAN Bus Location

The use of CAN Bus in road vehicles to date has been mostly for internal ECU communication and therefore it is common for vehicles not to have CAN available on a convenient connector. In cases such as this, it may be necessary to tap directly into vehicle CAN wiring to pick up signals. Typical places to pick up CAN include the ABS system (look for a pair of twisted wires, but ignore the four wheel speed wires) or on the back of the dashboard (look for a pair of twisted wires).

If the vehicle does have CAN Bus on the OBD connector, it will normally be on Pins 6 and 14 as indicated below.


Racelogic provide details of vehicle connection points including images, descriptions and wire colours whenever this information is known. As well displaying this information within the HD2 software, vehicle information is also available on our Website, as shown below.

Vehicle CAN database.png

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