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VBOX Multi-Stopwatch

This page covers what the VBOX Multi-Stopwatch application is and how to use it.

Download the VBOX Multi-Stopwatch App

The VBOX Multi-Stopwatch app is available to download for free at the Apple Store. Find the app by searching for 'VBOX Multi-Stopwatch' or 'Racelogic'.


A 'pro' app version is also available, which is paid for, and allows you to record lap times for up to 8 vehicles simultaneously.

VBOX Multi-Stopwatch on Apple Store.png


The VBOX Multi-Stopwatch app is a standalone application and does not require any further equipment or devices.

It is the best way to time multiple race vehicles from the pit wall, just by taking pictures.


  • Revolutionary timing method
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Time up to 8 cars simultaneously (Pro version required)
  • Lap time history with best lap and delta
  • Never miss a lap! Haptic and visual feedback when the car is expected to complete a lap.


The VBOX Multi-Stopwatch app has a simple and intuitive user interface.


  1. Photo Reel
    All photos taken are added to the Photo Reel.
  2. Camera icon
    Toggles the Camera Preview on and off.
  3. Delete icon
    Deletes the photo currently displayed in the Photo Reel.
  4. Settings icon
    Opens the Settings Menu.
  5. Camera Preview
    Shows the camera preview so you can align your photo.
  6. Vehicle details row
    Appears when a photo has been dragged and dropped into the main screen for lap timing.
  7. Lap button
    Takes the photo as shown in the Camera Preview.
  8. Undo icon
    Undo the last action.
VBOX Multi-Stopwatch Main Screen - Overview

Taking Photos

You capture the photos by tapping the LAP button at the bottom of the main screen when the vehicle is in the camera preview window.

There will be the sound of a camera shutter and brief haptic feedback to let you know that the photo was taken successfully.

Photo Reel

The Photo Reel is displayed in the top left hand corner of the app. The last photo taken will be shown by default in the reel. The number indicator denotes how many photos are in the reel. 

Other photos can be displayed by swiping left and right over the reel. Arrows appear in the Photo Reel window to show which direction there are more photos.

You can delete photos in the reel by tapping the Delete icon when they are displayed at the top of the reel.

VBOX Multi-Stopwatch Photo Reel

Drag and drop

You can easily assign a photo in the photo reel to a vehicle by tapping and holding the photo until you see a crosshair.

You can then drag and drop the photo into the main lap timing area, or to the row for the corresponding vehicle.

VBOX Multi-Stopwatch Drag and Drop

Vehicle details

A row will be created for each vehicle that you are performing lap timing for. 

Each vehicle will be assigned a number such as Car 1, Car 2, Car 3... Each vehicle can be renamed by tapping the vehicle name.

The previous lap will be displayed above the Best Lap time so far. 

The previous 5 lap times will be displayed on the right-hand side.


VBOX Multi-Stopwatch Rename.png
You can delete individual vehicles from the Main Timing screen by swiping left and tapping Delete. VBOX Multi-Stopwatch Delete Vehicle.png

A countdown is displayed 15 s before the current lap is due to complete, and haptic feedback will be played when there is 3 s before the current lap is due to complete.

A horizontal bar graph is displayed which denotes when the current lap is due to complete, based on the previous lap times. 

VBOX Multi-Stopwatch Countdown to Lap Completion
  • Blue
    Greater than 10 s before the current lap is due to complete
VBOX Multi-Stopwatch Vehicle Details
  • Orange
    Less than 9 s before the current lap is due to complete
VBOX Multi-Stopwatch Orange Bar to Lap Completion
  • Red
    Less than 5 s before the current lap is due to complete
VBOX Multi-Stopwatch Red Bar to Lap Completion
Tapping the photo on a vehicle row will open a photo editor that allows you to zoom, crop and rotate the photo.  VBOX Multi-Stopwatch Edit Photo

Lap Timing Screen

Tap on the row for a vehicle to see the Lap Timing screen for that vehicle.

You can delete individual lap times by swiping left on the lap time and tapping Delete.

VBOX Multi-Stopwatch Lap Timing Screen          VBOX Multi-Stopwatch Lap Timing Screen - Delete a lap


Pressing the Settings icon will open the Settings menu. Here, the following options are displayed:

  • App Version
  • Clear All
    Clears all data from the app.
  • Clear Lap Times
    Clears the lap times saved for every vehicle in the app, but vehicles and images remain in place.
  • Support Centre
    Opens this documentation page in the device browser
  • Restore Purchase (only displayed in the free version of the app) 
    Restores the Pro version of the app if previously purchased by the Apple ID that the device is connected to
VBOX Multi-Stopwatch Settings Menu
When selecting the Clear All option, a confirmation message will appear, which stops you from accidentally losing your session data. VBOX Multi-Stopwatch Clear All Confirmation Message
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