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01 - PB Sport - Introduction

The PerformanceBox Sport is a small, waterproof (IP66 IP rating) GPS data-logging device, which records your speed, position, acceleration and many other parameters. This data is stored on a removable compact flash card. Software provided with the unit allows you to view and analyse all of the recorded parameters, allowing you to see how fast you were going at any time, your maximum g-force, the route taken in Google EarthTM, along with many other interesting and useful features.

The fastest recording rate is 10 samples per second, which is good for capturing fast events like a sports car on a circuit, a downhill skier or even a mountain biker. The slowest recording rate is 1 sample per minute, which is useful for more long term testing such as vehicle endurance evaluation, mileage/route analysis or even the movement of a  ship. PBSport logs 116 bytes/sample (default standard channels) - at a log rate of 10 Hz this equates to 4.2 MB/hour. Using a 512 MB compact flash card, at a log rate of 10 Hz, the PBSport will record around 120 hours of data; at 1 sample per minute it will record over 3000 days of data!

The PerformanceBox Sport records the following GPS channels as standard: Time, Position, Velocity, Heading, Height, Vertical Velocity, Accumulated Distance. You can also record other parameters, either by connecting directly to your vehicle’s CAN bus (RLPBMIC01C only), or by connecting a suitable external input module.


PerformanceBox Sport with door open


Rear view showing connectors


What can the PerformanceBox Sport do?

  • Measure speed, distance and acceleration
  • Analyse driving line
  • Compare driving style with others
  • See if the most is being made of tyres during braking and cornering
  • Plot routes on Google Earth
  • Measure acceleration figures, top speed, ¼ mile etc.
  • Take it anywhere – IP66 sealed against water, mud, dust etc.
  • Attach input modules to log additional channels
  • Connect to CAN bus of vehicle
  • Connect via CAN to a third party data-logger

Additional Features

  • USB interface for setup
  • 13 GPS channels logged + 16 external channels
  • LED operational status indication

*Not all vehicles have a CAN bus, and each manufacturer uses a different protocol. However, we can supply CAN sets for various manufacturers, see the vehicle CAN database section on our website for details.

Performance Box Sport Inputs and Outputs


5 (1).png

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