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RACELOGIC Support Centre

14 - PB Sport - Inventory and optional accessories

Parts Supplied with RLPBMIC01  

Description Product Code
10Hz Data logger PBMIC01 / PBMICIN01C  
GPS Magnetic Antenna RLVBACS018
4GB Compact Flash Card RLACS098
Power Cable – 2W Fischer – Cigar Plug (VBOX MICRO power lead) RLCAB010F
USB A - USB Mini B – 2m RLCAB066-2

Optional Accessories


Description Product Code
5-way Fischer to 9 way ‘D’ connector (female) – 1 m (CAN cable) RLCAB19F
9-way ‘D’ connector (male) to OBDII connector – 1.2 m  RLCAB020
VBOX Micro to VBOX module cable RLCAB063
VBOX Micro to IMU04/YAW03 cable  RLCAB065-C

Input Modules

Description Product Code
VBOX Mini Input Module RLVBMIM01
4 channel Frequency and Pulse Counter Input Module RLVBFIM03
8 Channel Thermocouple Interface RLVBTC8
8 Channel (16bit) Analogue Interface RLVBADC03
Yaw Rate sensor +2 Axis G sensor (IP65) RLVBYAW03
Inertial Measurement Unit (IP65) RLVBIMU04



Description Product Code
Low Profile ‘Ground Plane’ Antenna RLACS103
Mushroom type ‘Ground Plane’ Antenna RLVBACS065
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