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07 - TC Switch / Adjuster

The interface with the traction control system is via the rotary switch that allows the system to be switched on/off and the amount of wheel spin to be adjusted. 

Turn the knob fully anti-clockwise and the LED will illuminate indicating the system is switched OFF.  One click clockwise and the system will allow 20% wheel spin before the first level cut is initiated.  Each subsequent position will remove 5% increments from this value, until the most safe “Wet” mode is entered.

1 (1).png

Adjuster Settings

Wet For severe slippery conditions e.g. ice, torrential rain
5% Damp conditions 
10% Dry conditions
15% Sport
20% Sport
OFF Traction control Turned Off, the car will function as standard

The setting on the adjuster is down to the driving style of the driver and the grip available from the car.  We suggest that when the system is first installed the driver experiments with the settings to find what setting suits best.

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