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10 - TC Common problems and solutions

The car will not start
Check the fuse - 5A.
Check the 12V supply to the system. Is it ignition switched? Ensure the signal does not go to GND during cranking.
Check the GND to the system, the grounding point should be a chassis ground preferably with other wires grounded through the same point. If in doubt, check continuity to a known GND such as battery GND.
Check the inputs and outputs of the traction control are wired into the fuel injectors correctly; i.e. the wires with no trace are connected to the ECU and the wires with traces are connected to the fuel injectors.


The car starts but misfires

Switch the adjuster to the off position and see if the misfire persists. 

If the misfire stops:

Try to distinguish if the car is misfiring or if it is hitting a rev-limit, if it is hitting a rev-limit Launch control may be active.

If the misfire is more random the problem may be caused by rogue signals on the wheel speeds eg electrical noise.  Run the real time graph in the setup software to establish if this is the case.

If the misfire persists: Check the inputs and outputs of the traction control are wired into the fuel injectors correctly.


The car runs cleanly when stationary but misfires when driving

Does the car only misfire at low speed?

Yes - Use the diagnostic light or ideally laptop to ensure all the wheel speeds are being indicated and are picking up at roughly the same speed. See the article regarding calibrating and testing the system.


Injectors are not cut
Use the real time function of the software to ensure an RPM signal is present, that it reads the correct value and doesn’t drop out.


The car misfires throughout the whole rev-range
Connect to the software and examine wheel speed signal quality.

If the misfire persists:

Reconnect the car to standard with the two 8 way multi-lock connectors and see if the misfire clears.


The system is not picking up any wheel speeds
Check the wires are connected to the ABS sensors.
 Connect each of the wheel speed pickup wires to the other side of the ABS sensor wires.


The traction control reduces engine power before it gets a chance to produce full power
The Minimum RPM before operation (Configuration tab, Minimum operating thresholds, Revolutions) can be raised.  This is set to 2000 as standard.  If the car is a high revving car it may need raising to where the car comes on cam.


The car appears to cut on cornering when no wheel spin is being produced
Using the real time function in the software check that wheel spin is definitely not being produced.  If it is not raise the Minimum difference by 1-2 Km/h.  This should allow the car to turn a tighter corner without the traction control cutting in.


On all settings of the adjuster the car feels like it is being held back all the time
Increase the Percentage slip values (Slip control tab).


The car still spins its wheels
Reduce the Percentage Slip values (Slip control tab), and reduce Minimum difference (Configuration tab) by 0.5-1.5Km/h.


The car bogs down on Launch Control
Increase the Launch control rev-limits (Rev limits, Moving rev limiter).


The car produces lots of wheel spin on Launch Control
Reduce the Launch control rev-limits (Launch control tab, Dry/Wet settings).


The car appears to bog down pulling out from tight junctions
 Raise the ‘Slow override speed threshold’ and ‘slip override for slow speed getaway’ (Launch control tab).


The ABS sensors do not pick up until 18Km/h causing the traction control to misfire the car in first gear
Raise the Minimum speed threshold to above 18Km/h. (Configuration tab, Minimum operating thresholds, speed).


The traction control reduces the power enough on corners but in a straight line the car still wheel spins
Lower the Straight-line override, this will reduce the slip allowed in a straight line. (Configuration, Turning).


The car has different size wheels front to rear, which means the speed of the wheels is different
Measure the diameter of the front and rear wheels and type in the Wheel diameter - Driven, Wheel diameter - Reference. (Wheels tab).


In the software the speed of the wheels is different to the speedometer
The pick-up points that the ABS sensors are picking up from are different to the value in the traction control.  By working out the difference in speed to what is in the software, adjust the Number of pulses per rev – Driven and Number of pulses per rev – Reference until they are the same. e.g Peugeot 306 Rallye 24 PPR. (Wheels tab).


The RPM value in the software is different to what is showing on the Rev counter
The Number of cylinders value is incorrect.  Adjust the value until both values are the same. (Configuration tab, Cylinders).


Which is the best setting for dry weather?

The best setting for dry weather is down to the driving style of the driver. The adjustable system allows the driver to choose a setting which suits them best.  We would suggest 10% slip as this has proved to give the best acceleration in tests, which is position 3 on the adjuster.


I can’t find a COM port in the SW

Do you get this error when trying to read settings out from your Traction Control unit? COM Port 1 is assigned by default, however if your PC does not have a COM Port assigned COM Port 1 you will get this error.

If you navigate to the Options - COM Ports - select the port that has been assigned to the connection between your TC unit and Laptop/PC. If the port is not listed, try running the software as the system administrator (right click the Traction Control software - Run as Administrator) and again navigate to Options - COM ports.

Tick/untick virtual ports for USB – Serial.

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