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Quick Start Guide


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1) Mount the GPS antenna in the centre of your vehicle’s roof, away from roof bars or radio aerials which can cause interference. 

Note: If there is no metal underneath the antenna, you need to create a metallic ‘ground plane’ to get the most reliable satellite lock. 

Pictured is an example of an antenna mounted on a car’s plastic roof, using aluminium foil underneath the antenna to block unwanted ground reflections.

2) Push the antenna plug into the GPS socket.

3) Insert the PWR connector and screw the metal ring to lock in place. Then plug the cigarette lighter adapter into your vehicle.

Note: The VBOX HD will take about 35 seconds to start, at which point the unit will beep to indicate it has booted up.

4) To turn the VBOX HD on, momentarily press the power button above the GPS connector.
Note: VBOX HD will take about 35 seconds to start, at which point the unit will beep to indicate it has booted up. 

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5) Securely attach the HD camera mount to the windscreen of your car, or other desired location.

Once the camera is mounted, connect it to the unit.

Use the line on the top of the camera to make an approximate alignment. 

For better alignment, use an SDI monitor, connected to the SDI- Output on the rear of the unit, which has a default output of 60Hz.


6) A mono microphone is supplied as standard, plug this into the MIC input to record a mixed mono audio stream.

7) When a memory card has been inserted, the unit will beep and the STATUS LED will illuminate showing it is ready to record.

8) Position the vehicle so the antenna has a clear view of the sky. It will take up to two minutes to acquire a satellite lock, at which point the GPS LED will illuminate.

If you are in an open area and you are still having trouble gaining lock, press and hold the RECORD button for 10 seconds, this will perform a GPS ‘cold start’. 

9) The unit is set to ‘record only when moving’. Once satellite lock has been obtained, the unit will start recording every time the vehicle speed goes above 5kph and stop when the speed has been 0kph for 5 seconds.

You can override this setting and toggle the recording by pressing the RECORD button.

IMPORTANT:  NEVER eject the SD card if the RECORD LED is showing, you will lose video. To stop recording, either come to a halt, press the RECORD button.

10) To turn the VBOX HD off, push and hold the power button for 3 seconds to initiate shutdown. 





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