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01 - VBOX Broadcast Logging media and file formats

SD cards

When purchasing SD cards, always buy a quality brand such as SanDisk, Kingston or Lexar. 

Format: FAT32

USB memory sticks

If data is to be logged to a USB memory device, the optional RLCAB073 cable, or accessory RLACS164M is required.

USB sticks must also be of a high quality to handle the amount of data sent from the VBOX HD.

Format: FAT32

File formats

VBOX HD will log either to an SD card or a USB drive.

Two files will be created, an ‘.mp4’ video file and a synchronised ‘.vbo’ data file which contains all of the GPS (and CAN, if applicable) data in ASCII format, recorded at 10 times a second. The files are stored within the ‘media’ folder.

The maximum size of files for SD cards in FAT32 format is 4Gbytes. If video file larger than this is recorded (time to reach this file size depends on video settings), a new ‘.mp4’ file will be created. Therefore a single ‘.vbo’ file can be associated with multiple ‘.mp4’ files.

Video format

The high definition camera format is 720p30. The number of horizontal lines in the image is 720, and the image is progressive (not interlaced), and has a 30 Hz frame rate. The aspect ratio is 16:9 which means there are 16/9*720 pixels on each horizontal line, so the images have a resolution of 1280x720 pixels.

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