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07 - VBOX Broadcast LED Behaviour

LED Indicates
Flashing Green Uploading of either configuration file or firmware is taking place
Solid Green The unit is ready to log – media detected
Off No media detected
Flashing Green Searching for satellites after GPS cold start has been carried out
Solid Green Satellite lock has been achieved
Off No satellite lock
Flashing Blue Closing data file – do not remove media
Solid Blue Data being recorded to logging media – do not remove media
Off Not logging – safe to remove media 



Power LED - Battery Charging States

Power LED Battery Level
Charging states (unit turned ON, connected to external power source)
Red (slow flash off) Very low – Below 10%
Amber (slow flash off) Between 10% and 15%
Green (slow flash off) Between 15% and 95%
Solid Green 100% Charged
1 (1).png
Charging states (unit turned OFF, connected to external power source)
Red (slow flash on) Very low – Below 7%
Amber (slow flash on) Between 10% and 15%
Green (slow flash on) Above 15%
2 (1).png
Discharging states (unit turned ON, running off internal battery)
Fast Red Flash Very low – Below 7%
Solid Red Between 7% and 10%
Solid Amber Between 10% and 15%
Solid Green Between 15% and 100%
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