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10 - VBOX Broadcast Setup Post processing

Graphics can be added to a previously recorded video using the button ‘Overlay scene onto MP4 file’.

26 (1).png

This will launch the HD Overlay utility where a .vbo data file can be selected to be processed - make sure that the corresponding .mp4 video file is in the same directory. If needed, the scene can be changed to a previously exported scene before processing.

27 (1).png

Once the .vbo file is selected, HD Overlay will use the loaded start line to detect which circuit is being driven, and separate out the laps. It will then select the whole file to be processed unless the user clicks on a particular lap, in which case it will cut the video down to just that lap.

28 (1).png

Moving the slider bars underneath the video will select larger or smaller portion of the file. The ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons can be used to move the sliders 1 second at a time. The longer the video section is which is selected, the longer it takes to create the overlay.

Once the section of video has been selected, click on the Start button to begin processing. A window will appear in which the video can be given a new name and file save location can be chosen. Note, if the video was contained on an SD card, then it is best to save the new file directly to the PC in case the card runs out of space and also to speed up processing.

Once HD Overlay has finished processing, a button will appear [...] which opens up the location in which the new video is located.


PC specification for video processing

Post processing graphics over HD video is a CPU intensive exercise. This means that the power of the computers processor is the most important component when running HD Overlay software. 

Video file length PC Processor RAM Time taken to process
10 minutes Intel i7 X890 8GB 7.5 minutes
10 minutes Intel i5 3550 4GB 12 minutes
10 minutes Intel i3 540 8GB 25 minutes
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