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PB/DB - Updating the Firmware

See below for an online Video guide for carrying out a firmware upgrade on your PerformanceBox / DriftBox / VBOX Mini.

  1. Download Racelogic Upgrader Software 
    Software can be downloaded from here. Run through the installation on your PC. 
  1. Download the correct firmware file
    VBOX Mini

    Click ‘Save’ and save this firmware file to your desktop.
  1. Install the correct drivers
    Download and save the Racelogic Drivers. Extract and run the executable inside the folder.

    Note that you may need to authorize a couple of windows security warnings.
  1. Connect Performance/ Drift Box unit to your PC

    Power up your PB/DB/VBM unit in Upgrader mode by holding the mode button down while applying power.

    The unit will show ‘Upgrader’ and ‘Connect USB cable’ on the screen. 
  1. Connect unit to your PC via USB cable

    The unit should change to show ‘Waiting to Connect’.

    You should also see a window appear in the corner of your PC screen saying ‘Your device is ready to use’. You are now ready to run the upgrade.

    If you see an error message, or a message telling you to restart your PC, just disconnect the PB/DB/VBM and turn it off and then repeat steps 4 and 5. If you are still having problems, you may need to restart your PC.
  1. To run the upgrade, double click on the .RUF firmware file

    The upgrader software should appear. This will now automatically upgrade the firmware on your PB/DB/VBM unit.
  1. Reset GPS

    When you have successfully carried out the firmware upgrade, go outside and leave the unit with a clear view of the sky. Select: MENU, SETUP then COLDSTART.

    This will carry out a GPS cold start on the unit and allow it to search for satellites without using any stored previous satellite locations.
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