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01 - PB/DB - Introduction


An unregistered PerformanceBox / DriftBox will have very limited functionality. To activate features including data logging, lap timing and performance mode, you need to register your unit with Racelogic 

Go to the VBOX Motorsport website and select 'Customer Area > Register your product'.  

Complete the registration form with your personal contact details - you will also be asked to input the serial number of the unit.

The serial number is displayed when you first switch on, or alternatively you can note it from the underside of the hardware itself.  

Once you have submitted the form an activation code will appear. This code must be entered into the PerformanceBox / DriftBox to complete the registration process. 


  1. Switch on the PerformanceBox / DriftBox
  2. Press MENU and select ‘SETUP’
  3. Select ‘UPGRADE’ 

    pb1 (1).png
  4. Use ▼▲ to move the alphanumerical list across the screen and then press OK to enter each character of your activation code. The centre character on the screen becomes larger and surrounded by a box to indicate that it is ready for selection.
  5. Highlight and click on the symbol Back.PNG if you need to delete a character.

    pb2 (1).png
  6. When you have entered all the characters of the activation code, highlight the symbol Return.PNG and press OK to enter the activation code.
  7. A confirmation screen will display ‘Code OK’ and then the screen will go back to SETUP MENU.
  8. Disconnect and reconnect the power to complete the process.

The full functionality of your PerformanceBox / DriftBox will now be available.


  1. Connect the cigar lighter adaptor power cable to the power socket on the back of your unit.
  2. Slide the PerformanceBox / DriftBox into the windscreen mounting bracket.
  3. Using the suction cups of the windscreen mounting bracket, fix the assembly to a suitable place low down in the centre of the vehicle's windscreen. 
  4. PerformanceBox / DriftBox units have an internal GPS antenna, so mount the unit where it will have the largest possible view of the sky.
  5. Park your vehicle outside in an open area away from obstacles such as tall buildings and trees.
  6. Insert the power cable into the vehicle cigar lighter socket. If power is not permanently available at this socket, turn on the ignition to ensure power at the socket.
  7. The first time PerformanceBox / DriftBox is used it will need to be left for 10-15 minutes to acquire fully the latest satellite constellation information.
  8. After this initial period, the unit will then only take 1-2 minutes to lock onto satellites when you use it next time.
  9. Wait for the satellite image to disappear which means lock has been obtained.
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