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07 - PB/DB - Input Module Mode


inpmode2 (1).png

The Input Module screen provides the ability to configure the input and output channels of a connected Micro Input Module and view the data on each of the input module channels.

Note: This mode requires the RS232 chip upgrade in order to function.

Input module connection

The PerformanceBox / DriftBox connects to a Micro Input Module using an RLCAB045 cable plugged into the Auxiliary connector on the back of the unit to the DATA socket on the Micro Input Module.  If an input module is connected and it has been initialised then the PerformanceBox / DriftBox will automatically log all of the input module channels to the SD card.

See here for more info

Initialising the Micro Input module.

In order for the PerformanceBox / DriftBox to log the input module data channels, the Input Module screen must be accessed whilst the input module is connected and the PerformanceBox / DriftBox has satellite lock. After the Input Module screen has been accessed the screen will briefly display the following message.

11 (1).png

Then the screen will display the data output diagnostic screen. Once this has happened the PerformanceBox / DriftBox will log the input module data. In firmware revision 1.4.76 and above a new display can be accessed by pressing down in this mode.

22 (1).png

This screen displays Speed and a selected input module channel. To select an input module channel press the MENU button then navigate through the list to select display channel. From this screen any one of the MICIN01 channels can be selected. 

Note: After each power up, the Input Module Screen on the PerformanceBox / DriftBox must be accessed in order for the PerformanceBox / DriftBox to recognise the presence of the MICIN01. After this has been done, any of the PerformanceBox / DriftBox screens can be used, but this must be done or the MICIN01 channels will not be logged.

Configuring the Inputs and Outputs

See the Micro Input Module user guide for a full explanation of configuring the inputs and outputs of a Micro Input Module.

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