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How to update the Track Database on Performance Box Touch

Occasionally, Racelogic will release new versions of the Track Map Database to introduce new circuit maps and start/finish lines and to update any older tracks with new layouts.

The Track Database installed in the Performance Box Touch will be updated whenever you upload a new firmware file onto the unit.

Alternatively, you can update the Track Database manually by pressing the Load button in the Lap Timing Settings menu.

  1. Download the latest Track Map Database file from the VBOX Motorsport Website.
  1. Place the .tdb or .bdb file on the root directory of an SD card (not in the media or any other folder).
  1. Power up the Performance Box Touch unit.
  1. Insert the SD card into the card slot on the left-hand side of the unit. The SD Card Icon should be green as long as the card has available space.
VBOX Touch SD OK.png
  1. When the unit has booted, select the Mode Button and press LAP TIMING if it is not already selected.
VBOX Touch Mode Lap Timing2.png
  1. Select the Settings Button and press the Track Database Load Button.
VBOX Touch Lap Timing Settings Track Database.png
  1. The Performance Box Touch will start to load the file, which will update the tracks list but not overwrite any existing track information. Progress of the track database update will be displayed via the LEDs; each lit LED will represent 25% of the process with all LEDs extinguishing when the process is complete.
  1. The message 'Database Loaded' should be displayed to confirm it has loaded successfully.

To view the latest list of tracks, click on the image below and use the Country dropdown menu to see your options.

Track map database.png


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