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VBOX Video - iOS

The iPhone/iPad app lets you see a Live Preview of the Camera Alignment for the VBOX Video HD2.

Our free preview app with live output is a companion application to VBOX Video HD2. With this app ypu have the opportunity to verify the camera positioning and alignment quickly and easily. By connecting over Wi-Fi you can view the scene that the cameras will record in real-time, and make changes accordingly.

Preview App Icon.png

You can set the exposure window on the camera preview so that you can avoid the 'letterbox' effect that can occur on very bright days. and get optimal video capture every time.

The Wi-Fi network that connects the VBOX Video HD2 to your mobile device is password protected - which is useful when you are surrounded by fellow users in the pit garage!

Note: Only VBOX Video GPS data logger owners will be able to use this app.


You can download the app from the App Store


You can find information about how to use the app here.

Preview App Screenshot.png

Version History

1.2.8    July 2022


  • Camera connection stability issues resolved
1.2.7    May 2019


  • Improved handling of camera status information
1.2.6    February 2019


  • Options added to allow configuration of HDMI output for VBOX Video units with an HDMI port.
1.2.5    November 2017


  • Support for iPhone X
1.2.3    May 2017


  • OBD Bluetooth integration


  • Prompt before adding/removing Bluetooth device
1.2.2    April 2017

(Please use the latest VBOX Video HD2 firmware version, 1.3.56) 


  • Ability to add and remove Bluetooth devices for VBOX Video
  • Status icon for Bluetooth paired/active
  • Record icon displayed during recording
  • Audio streaming enabled
  • Option to download scene to SD Card


  • Various bugfixes
1.1.6    October 2016

(Please use the latest VBOX Video HD2 firmware version, 1.2.45) 


  • Ability to change exposure level
  • Ability to change track layout
  • Ability to change WI-FI name
  • Ability to see unit information


  • Various bug fixes
1.0.7    June 2016


  • Various bug fixes
1.0.6     March 2016

Initial release

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